“We work long and hard to identify the specific requirements and objectives, and we ensure that the management approach meets the established criteria.”


Incorporated in 1991, Cheval initially commenced its operations by securing the management contract for a large office/retail property located in Brampton. Cheval was then retained by a large private investor to manage their portfolio and has continued to manage additional properties for new clients throughout the financial, institutional and real estate industry.

Cheval Developments and Property Management was established for the express purpose of providing quality project and property management services in the greater Toronto and surrounding real estate market.

As a result of our expanding growth, Cheval now services communities throughout all parts of Ontario, managing Commercial, Condominium, Industrial, Retail and Distressed properties. 

Cheval does not own any real estate thus eliminating any potential conflicts that can arise, allowing us to concentrate on providing pure management services to our clients.

The principal of Cheval Property Management, Steve Warbuck, has been involved in the management of over ten million square feet of real estate over the past 40 years.

Cheval is involved in all aspects of project and property management and financial reporting. Along with expertise in the construction and operation of a project, Cheval offers administrative services including rent collections and the disbursement of expenses. Cheval's state of the art accounting system allows us to provide accurate monthly reporting to our clients while maintaining flexibility of presentation to suit each client's specific requirements. 


Cheval's President, Steve Warbuck, oversees all aspects of project operations on a day to day basis ensuring that they run as designed, meeting with owners and tenants and ensuring that all requests are being handled professionally and expediently by administration and property management staff.

Mr. Warbuck has been involved in building development, project and property management over the past 40 years. Tenant coordination, energy management, marketing, leasing, administration and operational management have all been part of Steve Warbuck's experience.

In past years Mr. Warbuck has held the following positions:

  • Director of Commercial Properties,Toronto for Canderel Ltd  (5 years)
  • General Manager of the Consilium Project  (3 years), promoted to Director of Commercial Properties, Toronto for Canderel.
  • Building Operations Manager for Shipp Corporation  (4 years)
  • Tenant Coordinator and Draftsman for Commerce Court Complex  (7 years)

With over 40 years of experience in the management field, Steve Warbuck has been involved in the development, operation and administration of over ten million (10,000,000) square feet of space.